Student Pagan Organizations – The first link on this page is a much more thorough list of student groups at various college campuses…but I’ve found a few others recently, and I’m still looking for more. If you have also recently begun an SPO, please contact me to submit the site so I can add it to this list.

Pagans On Campus: The most comprehensive list of Student Pagan Organizations I’ve seen…even better than this one. 🙂 I’d steal her information, but that’s dishonest…instead, go to her site if you don’t see what you’re looking for here.

Community Pagan: “Community Pagan is a group of college age people that meet
occasionally to discuss Paganism. Though we do not have a student Pagan
Organization we are looking to start this organization as one. This group
meets in NJ.”

Alma Circle: Alma College (Alma, MI)

Auburn University’s Pantheon

California State University, Chico’s Clannade

Chapman University Pagan Society: No website yet, but the link is their contact e-mail.

Circle of the White Rose: A Yahoo group for Chicago-area Pagans in college

Clemson University’s Moonrise Group: This is a new group recently recognized by Clemson University. Congratulations!

Concordia University’s Pagan Society Note: For some reason, my browser was forbidden from this site. Perhaps someone on my IP was banned, but I hope others have better luck getting in.

Delta College’s Hazel and Oak Circle: “Hazel & Oak Circle is an registered campus Pagan organization at Delta College in University Center, Michigan. This group was formed Fall of 2001. The purpose of Hazel & Oak is to represent and support anyone who follows or is interested in an Earth-based spiritual path in the region served by Delta College. This includes promoting religious tolerance, providing education about Paganism and other Earth-centered Traditions, and providing a place to meet, socialize, exchange ideas and practices, and most importantly to learn from each other.”

Eastern Washington University Pagan Society

Georgia Tech’s Student Pagan Community

Grand Valley State University’s Ways of the Earth: “Ways of the Earth is a student organization at Grand Valley State University, which promotes earthwise spirituality and interfaith tolerance.”

Grinnell College’s Pagan Discussion Circle

Iowa State University Pagan Community

Iowa State University New Age Philosophies Club

Lehigh University Whispering Trees

Middle Tennessee State University’s Student Pagan Organization

MIT Pagan Student Group

Monash University’s Alternative Spiritualities Club

Mount Allison University’s EROS: Earth Religion Organization of Students

NCSU’s Society for Paganism and Magic

Oopen Grove Society: Open Grove Society seeks to provide Central Michigan University and the surrounding community with a safe social outlet for members of pagan religions, other diverse beliefs, and their supporters.

Penn State University’s Silver Circle

Purdue University’s Pagan Academic Network Also with public forums.

Reed University’s Pagan Circle Note: The website itself is off-line at the moment. This link will get you to an e-mail address to find out more about the group.

Rowan University’s Eyes of Gaia: As a quick note, I’m really impressed with this site…it’s chock full of good information on their group and gives great ideas for any group that may be running out of ideas.

Smith College Pagan Association

University of Arkansas’ Student Pagan Association

University of Georgia’s Pagan Student Association

University of Iowa’s River City Pagan Community

University of Kansas’ Web of Oz Note: This isn’t necessarily a University of Kansas student group, but was started as such, and because of that, it’s included.

University of Louisville (Kentucky)’s The Phoenix Collective: “We are a recognized student organization whose primary mission is to provide community for believers and practioners of any pagan tradition. Our secondary missions are to provide training for those who wish to learn and to disseminate information about paganism and dispel myths about it.”

UNC-Chapel Hill’s Kallisti

University of Oregon’s Pagan Student Union

University of Texas’s Pagan Student Alliance

University of Virginia’s NatureSpirit: We provide support for Earth-Centered/Pagan students on campus and provide rituals, discussions and social events.

Washington University (St. Louis) Silver Crescent: This is the web site for my school’s Campus Pagans group. I can’t guarantee the updates anymore…I graduated!

Wayne State University’s Full Moon Circle

Western Michigan University’s Ancient Altars

Wicca-México: “Página para paganos de habla hispana que ofrece cursos, asesorías y ceremonias en México.”