Contact College Wicca

I love e-mail as much as the next person, but I have a few suggestions before you write:

1) I don’t give away spells. Don’t ask, because I won’t respond.

2) This isn’t a college of Wicca. There are no enrollment forms, no campus, no lessons for me to send you. This site began to help Wiccans in college practice in tiny dorm rooms, and has expanded since its original inception.

3) Read the pages on here. I’ve spent over 4 years working on this site to help people…your question might already be answered. Stumbling on the site and immediately e-mailing me to send you information about Wicca will probably be met with silence.

4) Got a specific question? Great! I love answering questions! You might want to avoid using “Netspeak,” however, because if I have to use a decoder ring to understand what you’re asking, I’ll probably not respond.

5) Wanna tell me I’m going to Hell? Save it. I have no problem with Christians or Christianity, but if you sought out my site, which you know you disagree with in the first place, methinks you’re just trying to pick a fight. If you choose to lower yourself and proselytize anyway, be sure to use a real e-mail address of your own so I can respond if I so choose. I probably won’t, however, because I don’t think it’s worth the waste of energy.

6) Make sure the e-mail you use and your name match up. I’ve received e-mails from people using their parents’ accounts, friends’ accounts, and for all I know, you may be on a school computer where someone has set the default e-mail to be their address. I don’t want to get you in trouble or reply to the wrong person. If there’s a name difference, please be sure to tell me, and if you need an e-mail, you can get a free account at Hotmail, Yahoo, or from many other sources.

I think that’s about it…I hate sounding so negative, but I just wanted to let people know ahead of time why I may or may not respond to an e-mail. On a more positive note, I do get busy and might not respond immediately, so I’m not ignoring you and I will try to get to it shortly!

With that said, e-mail me!