College Wicca Site Frequently Asked Questions

I tend to get several e-mails regarding this site, so I decided it was best to finally put out some FAQ’s regarding what the site is about.

1) What is College Wicca?
2) You mean it’s not a college *for* Wiccans?
3) Who runs the site?
4) What are Rhaevyn’s credentials?
5) How long has College Wicca been around?
6) Who writes the content? Makes the images? Does the technical design?
7) Do you teach?
8) Are teens allowed here? How about adults?
9) Why are there no spells?
10) How often do you update?
11) Can I use your images? Your essays?
12) Can I link to you? Will you post my link?
13) Donations? Why? How much does it all cost?
14) Who is your webhost? Can I use them?

Q. What is College Wicca?

College Wicca is a site devoted to help Pagans in college practice in an environment unique to them. Most websites address either “Adult” or “Teen” Pagan concerns. When I discovered this fact in 1997 while trying to figure out how to hold a ritual in a tiny dorm room, I decided to do something about it, and this website was soon created.

Q. You mean it’s not a college *for* Wiccans?

No. College Wicca is not a school at all. There is no correspondence course, there is no on-line course. What you will find, however, if you take the time to read is a lot of information right here on the site, free to the public, and Wiccan (and Pagan – again, I know there’s a difference, but I’m Wiccan so there’s a definite slant) practices. There are hints, tips, and general essays on many different topics just waiting for you to browse them.

Q. Who runs the site?

The website is wholly owned and run by one person…me. (Rhaevyn Sunrise) I have accepted occasional submissions, used a few excellent articles from other sources (credit is given), and have done some collaboration, but beyond that the work on this site is done by one individual in her meager spare time.

Q. What are Rhaevyn’s credentials?

Over seven years of experience. I was mostly self-taught in both Wicca and web design. As a webmaster, I’ve created and worked on several sites, but College Wicca is my pride and joy and has progressed and evolved with the more I learned. As a Wiccan, I have worked as a Solitary, led my college student group, and done every job (and the required research) in between. Right now I do not work with a group, nor do I want to work with a group…which has put a damper on collecting titles and degrees. However, read the site and I’ll let you decide on my credentials. 🙂

Q. How long as College Wicca been around?

College Wicca has gone through many incarnations. It was officially launched on April 30, 1998 on a Geocities free site. By 1999, I had the main site on Geocities and the printable pages on a Tripod free site. Over the next year, I let the Tripod half slip while I devoted time to increasing the content on the main page–an ability I was finally able to do when free web hosts upped their allotted amount of space from 2 Megs gradually to 15 Megs. A major design change was done, and College Wicca evolved again. However, when College Wicca began eating up a lot of data transfer memory (bandwidth) in October 2001, I decided to move the site to its own host. Pages have been changed, design has been updated, and content has been added, but you can see where the site stands today!

Q. Who writes the content? Makes the images?

Does the technical design? For the most part, me, me, and me. Again, I have accepted some submissions and I do like to use free scripts to streamline the interactivity of the site, but most of the work is my own. I do try to make sure and give credit where it is due, so if you have submissions, feel free to let me know.

Q. Do you teach?

No. Not only do I maintain this site single-handedly, but I do also work full-time and have a semblance of a life (including a crazy schedule!) that goes on outside of the Internet. Maybe someday I will teach, but I do not see it happening any time in the near future.

Q. Are teens allowed here? How about adults?

The site was originally designed specifically with college students in mind, but has grown far beyond those boundaries. Anyone can read the essays and articles here and glean ideas from them. Besides, if there was a limit to who could visit this site, even *I* would no longer be allowed here since graduating in 2000! Q. Why are there no spells?

For the most part, I do not believe in the “merit” of spells you can find on-line and in books. Yes, I do know that if you believe in a spell strongly enough it will have some kind of outcome, but I prefer to stress that you should write your own spells. I also think that there are enough websites and books out there already (and many of the books are not even useful as birdcage liner) that have what I call “recipe spells” that I don’t feel the need to add to the Insta-Witch culture. Spells are not the focus of this site, and I do my best to keep that focus pure.

Q. How often do you update?

Updates may depend on what’s going on in my life. Ideally, I would like to update at least once each week. I also know that is not always possible, and I have gone for over a month during a particularly stressful time without doing any updates because my on-line time was limited and I had nothing to say. So hang in there–I will update the site, it may just be a matter that I am unable to do it for one reason or another, not that I’ve forgotten.

Q. Can I use your images?

Your essays? You may, but please give credit where credit is due. For images, please e-mail me to let me know (I may even want to link to your site) which image because it may not have been a picture of my own, or it may be something I scanned. I do take a lot of pictures with my own camera and post them on this site and I have seen a few of those pictures floating around the Net. I’m flattered, but they are the result of my work. If you ask nicely, I may even send you a copy of the full-size photo so you can touch it up as you see fit.

For essays – yes, you may use them, but please leave the copyright information and link at the bottom. Again, please ask for permission, first. And for both images and essays, I would appreciate a link to my site in return. Like your professors, I do take plagarism seriously. I didn’t put all the work into this site and put it up for free just to have some low-life scum rip it off to turn a profit. May Karma have a heavy hand on you if you choose to be such a loser. *g*

Q. Can I link to you?

Will you post my link? I would love it if you link to me! And I would be happy to post a link in return–just be sure to give me a quick summary of your site to post with your link. I visit the sites of the submitted links before I post them, but since it is your own work and you know it best, I think the description should be in your own words.

Q. Donations? Why?

How much does it all cost? Anyone who has put many years of work into a project without even asking for help from those it benefits is often labelled a fool. But I love doing the work. I’ve gone for over four years asking only that people buy books through me from because the referral fees can be a help. Now with paying for a host, it’s costing over $120 per year (which is actually a good deal considering my host has unlimited free data transfer) which could be used in many other ways. I’m definitely going to pay for the site for as long as I can, but any donations you can spare to make it easier is always a big help.

Q. Who’s your webhost?

Can I use them? You heard “free data transfer” and your ears perked up, eh? I use which has several great packages at affordable rates. If you go with them, please use me as your reference (e-mail me for my reference number) and I will greatly appreciate it!